Wood with a story.

Recycled. Local. History.

Moore Hardwood comes from historical American barns aging back to the 18th century. We collect, restore and supply unique reclaimed hardwoods.

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Our Process

Harvesting the Past

We find unused barns whose owners wish to have them removed. With great care, we take down the barn and reclaim the wood for resale to the general public.

Polishing the Years

The boards and beams in our inventory are up to 300 years old! Aside from removing nails, horse manure and mold, we do as little as possible to process our hardwood because our customers want to use wood in it’s most natural, reclaimed state.

Giving New Life

The process of reclaiming wood from a rotten barn to becoming your dining room table takes lots of time and effort. The satisfaction of knowing that our reclaimed hardwood is now going to live on in someone’s home is really something that we cherish.

Living History

Each piece of wood that we sell has a unique story covering the span of hundreds of years. Come by our shop to see some of hard working America’s history and character, and we’ll help you find the wood that you’re looking for!

Not just hardwood. History.