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Projects to build with Moore Hardwood!

Meet Matt Moore

Moore Hardwood started back in August when Gretchen invited me to go shopping with her for some reclaimed wood.  We quickly realized that the process of finding reclaimed wood was difficult, especially where we were living in Falls Church, VA. After a couple months of weekend and evening reclaimed wood sales out of my parents garage… Read more »

Preserving American History One Barn at a Time

Moore Hardwood’s mission is to preserve old barn wood and reuse it for modern home improvements. Many times barns fall down in storms and are either left to rot or put to flame, or simply unused and deemed to be an eyesore. Our clients treasure this barn wood and find creative and beautiful uses for it,… Read more »

Custom Built Tables – Lavarnway Designs

Moore Hardwood loves helping people find the reclaimed wood they need for their DIY projects.  Nothing adds more character to your home than a homemade, custom built piece of furniture. Many times, however, our customers want that unique and authentic table or dresser but don’t have the time or tools needed to make it look just… Read more »

New Supply of Chestnut from Staunton, VA

We have a large supply of chestnut boards from a beautiful barn in Staunton, VA.  These boards range in width from 5-12″ and length to 12′.   Contact is you’re interested in using this incredibly rare and gorgeous barn wood dating back to the 1800’s! 703.389.1224

Erika Lauren Designs

Moore Hardwood is excited to be working with Erika Lauren, a very creative and talented designer. She picks out beautiful pieces of reclaimed wood and paints on custom messages for her clients. Check out her facebook page and see what she’s all about!      

New Supply of Reclaimed Chestnut Barn Wood

Moore Hardwood is proud to announce that we have just acquired a new supply of reclaimed chestnut barn wood. These boards and beams were originally used in the construction of a gorgeous barn in Staunton, VA. Built in the late 1800’s, this chestnut has stood the test of time. It features beautiful saw blade marks… Read more »

Meet Jack Rowe Co-Owner of Moore Hardwood

Jack Rowe is a native of Northern Virginia. He grew up in the Town of Vienna and currently lives in Oakton since moving back to the area after college. He attended Duke University where he studied history and political science. While at Duke, Jack was a member of the varsity lacrosse team where he was… Read more »

The Hillsboro Barn

The wood that came from the Hillsboro Barn is absolutely incredible.  We were able to preserve some beautiful beams, trusses, and boards that are great to be showcased in your home or used as building material.  Contact the Moore Hardwood team if you are interested in taking home some gorgeous American history! 

Meet The Team

Meet Mike Moore, Jack Rowe, and Matt Moore – together the three woodsmen make up Moore Hardwood. Contact the team anytime through email: or visit Moore Hardwood on Facebook!