Meet Matt Moore

Moore Hardwood started back in August when Gretchen invited me to go shopping with her for some reclaimed wood.  We quickly realized that the process of finding reclaimed wood was difficult, especially where we were living in Falls Church, VA. After a couple months of weekend and evening reclaimed wood sales out of my parents garage I realized I wanted to bring Moore Hardwood to the next level.  We found a more permanent solution for wood storage on a bee farm nearby and we set up a sales room in a garage in Falls Church.  By October I quit my job and started selling reclaimed wood full time, recruiting Jack Rowe to join the team as well.

I began my entrepreneurial endeavors when a couple college buddies and I won a business concept competition while we were sophomores at Virginia Tech.  We used our prize money to launch our business, YouFolio, which was acquired by Sherpa in June 2015. I worked as a Product Manager for Sherpa until I began working for Moore Hardwood full time in October of 2016.


I have never been more happy professionally than I am now.  I get to work with my hands and revive American history every day.  Best of all I know I am working towards something that is good for our environment and economy. Our business revolves around using sustainable materials to produce beautiful, hand made finished products. You don’t need to cut down trees or buy imported lumber or furniture, there are incredible barns all over this great country as well as very talented wood workers and we are on a mission to preserve these barns and bring these sustainable, historic treasures in to your home.

Newlyweds sanding during the early stages of Moore Hardwood.

Big shoutout to my wife Gretchen for being so supportive!

Jack and Bee Farm

Jack Rowe at the end of a uhaul full of wood during the move from my parents garage to the bee farm.

Matt loaded up his parents garage before during the initial phases of Moore Hardwood. Big thanks to Mama and Papa Moore Hardwood!

My parents garage before during the initial phases of Moore Hardwood. Big thanks to Mama and Papa Moore Hardwood!

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