Antiques: Doors, Windows, Tools, etc.


Moore Hardwood uncovers some incredible antique items every time we salvage an old barn.  From blacksmith nails to hand tools, furniture and more – we’ve got quite the selection! Including:

porch swing3 porch swing2 porch swing1









Antique porch swing bench recovered from a beautiful 1800’s Victorian home in Hamilton, Virginia. It is in great condition and could still be used today or could simply be hung up and admired.

smokehouse3 smokehouse2 smokehouse














A smokehouse, included with original metal grates that were used to keep away pests.  This was recovered from a beautiful 1800’s Victorian property in Hamilton, Virginia.

unpainted window green windows door 1 door2 door 3

















Antique windows and doors from the 1800’s Victorian property we recovered in Hamilton, Virginia.