The Hillsboro Barn

Buy wood from the Hillsboro Barn

The Hillsboro Barn was built in the 1850’s on a farm that was established in 1717.

The wood that came from the Hillsboro Barn is absolutely incredible.  We were able to preserve some beautiful beams, trusses, and boards that are great to be showcased in your home or used as building material.  Contact the Moore Hardwood team if you are interested in taking home some gorgeous American history! 

Wood Referenced:

Hillsboro Farm
Chestnut Boards


Chestnut Planks

          American Chestnut is extinct, help us preserve this incredible wood by finding a place for it in your home! Learn more about American Chestnut here:

Brown-white oak boards
White Oak Boards

Moore Hardwood has a large supply of oak planks varying in widths from 4-12″.